Unlock previously inaccessible audience insights and inform the negotiation, activation and measurement of commercial partnerships within sport through secure first-party data collaboration.

Data collaboration for sport

datapowa VENN allows commercial partners to securely upload their first-party audience datasets, analyze them, and understand the number of customers/fans they have in common (‘matches’).

It’s first-party data collaboration for sports. With VENN, data is encrypted from end to end, and collaborators maintain control over it at all times. This means that their collaborating partner can’t see any sensitive information and there’s no risk of leakage. 

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Transforming sports partnerships

datapowa VENN is a first-party data collaboration platform that revolutionizes how sports properties, brands, broadcasters and other commercial entities approach partnerships. From negotiation and strategy to activation and measurement, VENN provides the insight necessary to make smarter decisions, increase fan engagement and drive revenue.

Perform thorough due diligence

Understand the number of fan/customer matches partners have in common and use that insight to inform the size and scope of the agreement.

Accurately measure acquisition and ROI

Get a clearer view of return on investment by measuring the number of matches generated across the entire lifespan of a partnership.

Reactively optimize strategy

Regularly upload fresh data, track new matches, and optimize activation strategy during a season or tournament so impact can be maximized.

Enhance fan engagement

Activate highly-targeted campaigns that are more likely to engage and convert by exporting match segments from VENN and adding them into a CRM or media buying platform of choice.

Get a comprehensive view

Use VENN alongside of our asset visibility and valuation service datapowa TRACK to get a holistic view of media equivalency and customer acquisition.

Secure, streamlined data collaboration

Our mission is to make first-party data collaboration accessible to the sports industry. We do this by simplifying three core areas without ever sacrificing security.

Streamlined governance

Before data is uploaded to VENN, contractual agreements are automatically generated by the platform, ready to be reviewed and signed. This allows everyone involved to easily gain clarity on the terms of the collaboration and ensure that regulatory terms are being satisfied.

Intuitive dashboard

VENN's dashboard breaks insights down in simple terms. Using it, you can understand the overall number of matches, identify the geographic location of those matches, and zero in on the specific time they came about. Matched records can also be securely downloaded as CSV for further analysis.

Affordable cost

Clean room technology can require a long-term investment and come at significant cost. VENN can be shaped around your needs and used as a one-time only measurement or expanded for long-term tracking, making cost more flexible and on-boarding easier.

Understanding encryption

We know that encryption can be a difficult concept to get to grips with. That’s why VENN’s approach is built around three core promises that provide the assurance you need to know that data added to the platform is secure throughout the entire process.

No unencrypted data is ever entered into datapowa VENN. All records are encrypted through a gateway before upload, turning human-readable plaintext into unreadable ciphertext.
No data is decrypted while in datapowa VENN. VENN'S Fully Homomorphic Encryption (FHE) technology means that data can be analysed without needing to be decrypted beforehand.
No unauthorised access is granted to datapowa VENN. Data is only accessible to selected staff and customers have complete control over who within their organisation is given permission.

About datapowa

datapowa is a UK-headquartered, wholly-owned business within the IXUP Group (ASX: IXU). We offer specialist data and analytics technologies to the global sports market, helping rights owners, brands, and agencies understand the true value of sponsorship assets and maximise the ROI they generate from partnerships.

IXUP Limited (ASX:IXU) (pronounced ‘eyes up’) is a pioneering technology company that has developed world-class software facilitating the secure sharing and analysis of sensitive information. The company’s Secure Data Engine helps organisations maximise information assets that previously couldn’t be shared or commercialised due to privacy and compliance considerations.

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